Why not have a pop art make over at home?  Let's all put up a pop art wall

at home ~ Just like what Jessie did at

the grand cinema pop art exhibition

Turn Your Picture into Pop Art Painting

We are not regulsr art jamming. We teach you to paint beautiful paintings.

With our Andy Warhol Pop Art Painting Workshop, painting cannot get easier than this.

Try looking and you will fail!  

Yes! You definitely can make your own version of Andy Warhol Portraiture.

Join the league of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. The painting will be so beautiful you won’t believe you made them yourself.


You don't have to use self-portrait. You could choose a photo of your loved one, a pet or landscapes etc etc. Someone or something that you find special with which you want to turn them into a painting.
The image of your choice will UV printed onto canvas to act as an underpainting. We will show how to use acrylic paint to mimic what Andy Warhol achieved with screen printing. You will be able to pick up some very useful painting techniques. It's very fun and suitable for art lovers of all levels. Don't worry if you don't know anything about painting and has not yet gone anywhere near a brush since the age of 3. We will guide you through the whole way Just join us and play with the pop art palette.

Send us your own picture or design, and we will print it on the canvas to act as underpainting! Using a special glazing technique, everyone can make awesome Andy Warhol art pieces!

Canvas Size 30x30cm

Class Duration 3 hours



$1760____FOR 2 PAX

$2400____FOR 3 PAX

$3000____FOR 4 PAX

$3500____FOR 5 PAX

$3900____FOR 6 PAX

$4550____FOR 7 PAX

$4800____FOR 8 PAX

$5400____FOR 9 PAX

$5800____FOR 10 PAX

$6050____FOR 11 PAX

$6600____FOR 12 PAX



MON - FRI      2-5PM, 7.30-10.30PM

SAT                2-5PM,  7-10PM

SUN               2-5PM, 7-10PM


Email the following info to hello@mbart.co 
1) Name
2) Contact No
3) Canvas Size
4) Number of guests, their names and contacts
5) Time and date you would like to join
6) The picture you would like to use 
7) Keep the background of the picture? or Without the Background

Pictures Requirement
1) High Resolution over 700K
2) Sharp Focus
3) Good Lighting
4) Close up Head Shot ( The standard 30x30cm canvas is a square, please make sure your head won't be cut off)
5) Preferred taken by the camera
6) Smart Phones photo works too, but do not modify them with apps, send the original big format
7) Whatsapp photos or facebook photos won't work as they have been compressed

RSVP and Inquire: Email us at hello@mbart.co


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