Meet Jessie Siu !

Jessie Siu, a Hong Kong-based artist, a rare gem who has taken an unconventional path to bring art and people together. Jessie started doodling at the age of three, but most aren’t as lucky as her. The little prince gave up at the age of six his magnificent career as a painter because the grown-ups didn’t understand his painting of a boa constrictor digesting an elephant. He was discouraged and was made to believe he lacked artistic talents. Most of us grew up with the firm belief that there just isn’t a creative bone in our body. Jessie thinks otherwise. She believes everyone can paint like an artist. She made it her mission to help everyone to paint like a master. Since the launch of her art workshop at PMQ 2015, She has helped many students and corporate clients to live their artistic dreams. Her studio is like a wonderland, where the magic happens, everyone can bring home a beautiful painting without any previous training in art. Art should be lived, art should be experienced. Jessie makes art simple and relevant to everyday lives. Art doesn’t happen just in galleries or museums. Art is everywhere! Through her classes and cross-disciplinary collaboration, Jessie tries to ignite and bring out that love of art and the creative juices in you. She strongly believes there’s an untapped reservoir of creativity deep inside everyone. Experience art with Jessie to see the magic



How did MBA get started?

I am a designer and I run my own socks business. The art workshop started as a bet. After visiting the Andy Warhol Art 

exhibition in Hong Kong 2013. A friend of mine said he would never be able to make art something so stunning. He was totally convinced that a person like him without any artistic talents, skills, eyes for beauty would ever be able to make art. To me, that's just so wrong! You don't need talents to be able to make art. You just need to know a little know how. To prove him wrong, I spent two months experimenting and came up with my first Andy Warhol Portraiture Class in late 2013. All my friends and friends of my friends loved the class and got me thinking ummm maybe I could recruit students online. I formed an Art for Dummies group on New and old students keep coming back. Random. But that's how it all began!



Classes for Adults and Absolute Beginners

When I first designed the Andy Warhol Portraiture Class and all other classes that follow, I have a few things in mind.


1. Absolute beginners most of whom haven't gone near a paint brush since the age of three can handle.


2. The class must be fun and enjoyable. Our everyday life is stressful enough. Art should be enjoyable if it serves any purpose at all.


3. They can learn something and produce something that they would be proud of and show off to friends and families.


Simply put, I make art making fun, simple, and enjoyable and give you a taste of what "paint like a master" would feel. Art making is super enjoyable, not just me saying it. Numerous scientific researches show that making art is a very effective de-stressing activity. Everyone should make more art. Art makes you happier and it makes the world a more beautiful place.


People always think art is something exclusive and are reserved for a small group of lucky privileged people whom are bestowed with artistic talents at birth! The closest thing they can get is to visit Art Basel once a year. That is just so wrong. Take the first leap into art making! Don't wait! Make your artistic life happen. And MBA Art Workshop is here help to you do just that



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