Meet Angie Chan !

Hi, My name is Angie and I am an entrepreneur.  I wanted to do something creative for a while already but did not know what to do. Then I came across Jessie's "Art for Dummies" workshops and thought, hey, that's me and decided to give it a try.  I have since done a few of Jessie's workshops and discovered how much fun they are and what a great teacher Jessie is.  


Art, to me, is something fun, something to admire and behold, something that speaks in colours, shapes and forms, something to bring out our inner selves, something to discover in all of us and around us.  


From Jessie's workshops, I saw that not only can we all be artists in our own individual ways, no matter our backgrounds or experiences;  it has also taught me to see and appreciate everything around me in all the vibrant colours and different hues.  


I will definitely be joining more workshops and looking forward to graduating from an art dummy to an MBA artist!!




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Meet Nancy Tai !

Hello there, I am Nancy and I am a data analyst. Art is definitely not for me because I cannot draw nicely. My past experience about art was only from school, and I was just an average student doing boring art assignments. After that I hadn’t joined any classes related to art for many years.


Then I came across Jessie’s “Art for Dummies” workshop and joined couple different classes. Since then I have discovered that I am actually good at color matching and abstract “paintings”. I have even done an Andy Warhol painting as my friends’ wedding gift. The couple and other friends are so surprise that I have such talent, which increased my confidence and interests toward art.


In particular I like the Jackson Pollock class, and I think I have attended four or five times. This class is not like regular drawing lesson, in which no previous art experience is required. I can use my imagination to illustrate my thoughts through the paintings without rules and boundaries. I feel free and happy when dripping like Jackson Pollock, and I have given each painting a theme.


Now that my view toward art has changed. It is not all about draw

ing the exact shapes/forms or following the rules. Instead it is all about enjoying the class, interacting with teacher and other students, as well as appreciating the works. I am not perfect. But I believe if I feel confident about my art pieces, others will then appreciate my works, which in turn encourage me to try, see, feel and paint more.

So I will definitely take more different classes in order to find out my other hidden art senses and talents.




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