Monochrom Canvas Printing

Somehow everything looks more beautiful, artistic and poetic in monochrome

The pureness and the sense of serene of the monochrome palette have a great impact on the viewer in such a romantic way.

Now, we are sharing you all the romance by offering the service of turning your picture into a monochrome print on cotton canvas.

Send us a colour photo of high resolution. We do a little editing with photoshop to turn it into monochrome and then have it printed in the size of your choice.

In the time we rarely have any hard copies of our pictures. Having a canvas print of our picture is just oh-so-romantic. Whether it is for yourself or a friend's upcoming birthday, this is such a great treat.

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Printing Costs and Sizes Available:


30x30cm : $480

30x40cm : $520

40x40cm : $580

50x50cm : $780

60x60cm : $880

7  5  x  7  5   c  m     :      $ 1 0  0  0

for other sizes 
please email to
or call us at 97287389
Kindly attach your photos in the email
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A super cool idea for you to consider! Enact a pop art wall like what Jessie did at the grand cinema pop art exhibition. Black and white version is just as cool! 
The receiver of the special gift of monochrom canvas print had the options to join our pop art workshop to turn the print into a pop art painting
Extra Costs for painting session


30x30cm : $400 ( 1 session of 3 hours)

30x40cm : $400 ( 1 session of 3 hours)

40x40cm : $480 ( 1 session of 3 hours)

50x50cm : $900 ( 2 session of 3 hours, total 6 hours)

60x60cm : $900 ( 2 session of 3 hours, total 6 hours)

7   5  x   7  5   c  m      :      $900 ( 2 session of 3 hours, total 6 hours)

please email Jessie at to enquire
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