The latest pop art collection by Jessie Siu has landed at HMV Flagship store at Causeway Bay


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Be Water. Be Flower is the debut collection by Hong Kong based artist Jessie Yuen Chi Siu.

Jessie, a philosophy graduate, without any formal art school training, she is unbounded by the techniques and medium she uses. She created a new set of visual languages to translate the core principles of traditional chinese taoism philosophy in this debut collection of hers. 


With the concept of yin and yang as the backbone, the collection interplays with dualities and examines how the opposite and contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected and interdependent in the natural world. Taoists saw all changes in nature as manifestations of the dynamic interplay between the polar opposites yin and yang. The unity of opposites makes up the world. 

Each of the 6 pieces in the collection, displays both Yin and Yang effect. The Yang manifests itself under normal lighting, the painting looks complete white. In this void of nothingness, infinite possibilities are waiting to be realized.  In darkness, with special lighting effect, the Yin version reveals itself. Emerges before your eyes a previously invisible world that look almost like traditional Chinese ink paintings. The lighting in the dark literally colours the originally white painting black. Where once was light, now darkness falls. The light and dark, the yin and yang can unequivocally transform into the other. The summation of Yin and Yang form a whole. That's the duality nature of all that exists in the world.


Jessie juxtaposes opposing two elements, merging  waves and flower into one coherent whole.

Balancing the tenderness of flowers and the turbulence of waves to form a harmonized composition that embodies both soft and bold, feminine and masculine. The tranquility of the flower form and the powerful movement of the waves magically compliments one and other to form a coherent whole.


The life of a flower is short yet it lives a beautiful life. Its life has only one purpose, that is to bloom and reach for the sun (sky)

As the flower begins its life, it grows from the confines of the ground, blown by the wind. It’s live is threaten by creatures great and small, yet it continues to live. As it reaches to the height of maturity, it nourishes the souls it touches with its beauty, color and the fragrance, making the world a more beautiful place to live. 

Water flows and adapts. Water flows downward, for that is its nature. Although it is the softest of substance, in the form waves, water is one of the strongest forces on earth, uncontrollable and unstoppable. 

Let us all strive to live the life of water. We can be gentle yet immensely powerful. With patience and perseverance, we can move mountains. 

Let us all strive to live the life of a flower. Let’s try our hardest to rise above and beyond, to strive to the highest point of existence, bloom life like a flower.

Let us all be water, be flower!

《浪無形, 花有為》,新進藝術家蕭宛知透過一套獨特自創的視覺語言去探討道家的中心思想。以陰與陽, 正反相生相依的二元性為此系列的骨幹。不以色彩作畫,只用純粹的白創造出「可見未見」的世界。


《浪無形, 花有為》的每一畫作都具有陰與陽兩種效果。

於燈光下,陽態,畫作呈現完全的白;在虛空可見的白色世界思想最廣闊 。藏隱着未成為現實的世界。在黑暗中,陰態,配上光效,畫作將呈現像水墨畫般的另一面貌。黑暗中的光明替畫作著了黑色, 展示出在正常燈光下未見的世界。明與暗的互換 ,陰與陽向對立面進行了轉化,藉此帶出了陰陽正反的相依性。本是無彩之畫,轉換為有彩之畫, 道家的無為而無不為, 不是空中樓閣, 只要順應自然,效法自然便能達到無為而無不為的效果。


蕭宛知是非一般的本地女藝術家,哲學系畢業,並不是傳統美術學院派。西體中用,不受創作媒體限制,作了多方面的突破與嘗試,將中國傳統道家思想富含無限生命力的廣闊震撼與感動注入《浪無形, 花有為》。演繹了道法自然,虛靜,無為而無不為的道家中心思想。看似內斂精緻卻表現了道隱無名, 道潛藏的活力與創造力。


蕭宛知將自然界裏, 一剛一柔, 一動一靜, 的浪與花,  兩種相反的東西融合在一起。花中有浪,浪中有花 。浪與花看似特質相反,但其實都是剛中帶柔,柔中帶剛的物質。


花朵的生命開展,必先穿透土壤,抵禦強風雨打。 她柔弱並不懦弱, 躲過走獸踏踐,依然頑強純潔地成長。只求存於花開最燦爛的剎那。








讓我們生如水,活如花。 像女性在父系社會的角色一樣, 以天下之柔, 馳騁天下之堅!


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